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About the Show

Part satire, part truth, all puppets.



Set in the fictional town of Stimpleton, USA- twelve blocks east of the Pacific ocean, eleven blocks west of the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles north of the Mexican border, and several football fields south of the Canadian border, Insert Name is the rags-to-riches-back-to-rags story of two best friends struggling to build a company in a world turned upside down where just about everything is subject to ridicule.



Meet The Characters!



Preston is a carefree and kind individual, never a bad word to say about anyone.  This tends to get him into trouble, however, as he is frequently the first person Wax turns to when he needs a patsy.



Thorne is a writer and self-proclaimed "visionary", whatever that means.  Ever searching for the "next big thing", he often finds himself caught up in the moment- often trying to dig himself and others out of whatever mess they've gotten themselves into.

Wax Sheldon


Wax Sheldon is probably the most confused turtle on Planet Earth.  Quick to see the worst in everyone (except himself, of course) Wax is on a lifelong crusade to expose the truth, even at the expense of all of his personal relationships and connections.

Wayne T. VVyrm


Wayne, an earthworm, is a poet and a scholar of impeccable principal.  He is also Wax's roommate and erstwhile best friend, so his more altruistic values often take the backseat to the ongoing quest to do whatever it is that Wax is trying to do.

Frank is the nicest guy in the neighborhood and the local "renaissance man".  Frank is also a puppet.



Frank is the nicest guy in the neighborhood as well as the resident "renaissance man".  A veteran of "The War", Frank deeply values life and relishes in helping his neighbors.

The Neighbors


Dolores and Edna, Wax's next door neighbors.  They are most certainly not extra-terrestrials.

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